Here it is! The SkinFlintHints blog!

I started this blog because my friends are urging me to write a book of skinflint hints for my next book. I decided to start with a blog and work up to a book later. I decided on because it has free hosting and software– I’m a skinflint! I’m not going to pay for that — and it has all the features I was looking for (well, except for free video hosting, but I’ll just have to put my videos on photobucket or youtube. Those are free.)

I’m also starting a review blog, to review books and maybe other things, and with that one I’m going with blogger because of the Amazon affiliate widget so I can recommend things I like. 

When I was looking for places to review my recent books, I realized reviewing books is a great way to get free books. So that’s my first official skinflint hint: review books to get free books.

I’ll let you all know when I get my review blog started. Right now you can find me on Facebook, LinkedIn, Yahoo Groups (LaleLibrary, my official author site), and my old blog, Lale’s Magical Thinking Emporium, is still up on my MySpace Film Page (my official filmmaker site.)

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